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Used KBA Printing Machines

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KBA Presses:

KBA 162-4, 1997, 4 colour, 120x160CM,
Varicontrol Fuji, Alcohol dampening, Baldwin,
Blanket washers

KBA Rapida 142-6, 2000, 6 colour, 102x142CM,
APC, All washers, Ink remote control, diagonal register,
IR dryer, R&R, Steel plate in feeder and delivery, powder,

KBA 105-6P LX, 2005, 6+0/1+5, 74x105CM,
Varidamp, Technotrans, Ink temperature control,
AlcoPrint 3000, ErgoTronic, Colortronic, PWVA,
Coater Tower, IR dryer, air knives, extended
delivery. 90 mill.

KBA Rapida 74-4, 2002, 4 colour, 52x74CM,
Colortronic, Varidamp, SAPC, Ink Temperature Control,
Washers, Powder, UV dryer, IR dryer, 45 mill.

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