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Used Heidelberg Speedmaster XL Printing Machines

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Heidelberg XL Presses:

Heidelberg XL 105-5 P + LX3, 2007, 5 colour, 75x102CM,
Perfecting 2/3, Inpress Control, Sheetfed Control,
Preset Plus feeder, Prinect Press Center, Autoplate,
Dampening Hycolor, Coater, Preset Plus delivery
CombiStar, PowderStar, CleanStar, DryStar 3000,
Air supply cabinet, water cooling, ink temperaure control,
170 mill.

Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX, 2009, 5 colour, 75x102CM,
Autoplate, Prinect Press Center, Inpress Colour Control,
Alcolor, Preset Plus Feeder, StaticStar, Combistar, InkStar,
CleanStar, Anilox Coating Unit; PowderStar, Powder Spray
280 mill.

Heidelberg XL 75-4 + L, 2008, 4 colour, 53x75CM,
Alcolor, Autoplate, CombiStar, Coating, Axis Control,
Washers, Preset Dryer, Powder spray, 100 mill.

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